Products of the HolMS system
Increase profits by more than 30% and reduce labor costs

Control system

“automation of business processes makes the management procedure of the hotel reliable, simple, with a lot of tools and with the ability to access from anywhere”

A management system based on modern technologies will help you to now free most of the time associated with routine work accounting and hotel management, ensure reliable storage of data in the Google cloud and minimize the impact of the human factor.

Elements of the system:

  • the ability to instantly create armor, informative interface and advanced filters
  • control of the hotel from anywhere in the world and any device in real time
  • easy and full-featured management of all armor parameters;
  • food and extra services take into account all that is necessary for hotel guests
  • Numbers are grouped into a structure by type and name
  • price policy for periods, the number of guests, with a separate billing of additional seats
  • Payments with detailed descriptions are also displayed in linked brodders for easy management;
  • SMS and e-mail notification system will instantly provide guests with up-to-date information on booking.

Channel Manager

“the use of multiple sales channels has long become the standard of the hotel”

  • dozens of global and regional channels
  • Channel Manager will take care of channel management;
  • replaces “manual” management through the personal cabinet of each of the services
  • the availability of numbers is automatically distributed and kept up to date;
  • the system collects full information about booking on all channels

Reservation Widget

“More than 50% of people planning a trip, are looking for the possibility to book a room directly on the hotel’s own website”

  • guaranteed to increase direct sales to 40%
  • we do not take commission, the module is provided free of charge
  • installed on the site without any modifications;
  • allows guests to choose a room by photos and descriptions;
  • always provides website visitors with up-to-date information on prices and available numbers
  • Immediately notifies the hotelier about the issued reservation through the hotel’s website.


“Informative reports give a complete picture of the effectiveness of your facility. An important tool for forecasting work and increasing sales”

  • Employment statistics are graphically represented by dates;
  • Download percentage is one of the main performance indicators
  • ADR, RevPAR;
  • comparison of indicators with similar periods of the previous year
  • Extended Armor Metrics: Amount, Amount, Average, Number of Nights, Number of Guests and Other Details.

Reputation Management

“90% of guests decide on the choice of the hotel, based on feedback from other visitors”

  • the module keeps track of guest reviews and provides the hotelier with the opportunity to respond promptly to reviews, form a positive reputation
  • The feedback system is intuitive, the guest spends a minimum of time, ranking in several categories. Those who want to share all their impressions, supplement their feedback with a detailed description of the pros and cons of the rest;
  • reviews are easily integrated into the hotel’s own site, and can also be placed on booking sites, catalogs and other resources that the hotel represents.

User management

“the distribution of certain functions among employees improves efficiency and simplifies control”

  • employee activity is stored in the system
  • just add a few clicks to add a new employee;
  • the access level is easily configured by the hotel user
  • flexible rights management for system activities and data viewing: number fixing, payment management, “own” armor and much more.